Expert Coaching for International School Cohort Staff


At International Diagnostic Solutions, we bring licensed, credentialed specialists to schools online.  We match schools with the perfect experts to support their staff members.

Our School Counselor Support Team includes:

- School Psychologists

- Clinical Psychologists

- Clinical Social Workers

- Behavior Specialists

- Special Educators (if needed)

- Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists (if needed)




Psychologist/Counselor : Dr. Sondra Marshall

Dr. Sondra Marshall graduated from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1997 with a doctorate in Educational Psychology.  She completed her internship at The Neurology, Learning and Behavior Center and her postdoctoral training at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute, both in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She has lived in Bend, Oregon since 1999 and worked as a school psychologist with the Bend LaPine Schools, a private psychologist for Lifeworks of Central Oregon and is the Clinic Director of the PEDAL clinic at St. Charles Health System.  Dr. Marshall has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Oregon State University where she co-developed a graduate course curriculum for students in the School Counseling Program.

IDS Case Manager : Katie Holloran

Katie Holloran has worked as a teacher, administrator, and consultant in the Washington, DC area since graduating from Georgetown University in 2000.  Katie earned her Master’s Degree in Special Education focusing on children with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities from the George Washington University with post-masters coursework for her Board Certification at the Pennsylvania State University.  Katie has served as an adjunct faculty member at Catholic University teaching courses on Behavior Management and Special Education Fieldwork.

In managing the IDS teletherapy team, Katie utilizes strategies and knowledge learned through the Telehealth Facilitator Program at Jefferson University, one of only four telehealth training programs accredited by the American Telemedicine Association.


To begin the Coaching services, the full IDS team will meet with the full School team in order for both to learn more about needs and expertise, as well as to plan next steps for the Cohort.  This first set of meetings will also include didactic training on counseling and learning the practical aspects of working with pupils in this way.


1. The Introductory Training (including Team Intake Meeting) will be 4-6 hours. 

The cost for this is $3,075 (USD)


2. Ongoing sessions between Cohort Members and IDS Coaches are charged per IDS team member.

The cost for this is $256 (USD) per hour per IDS staff member.   

For each hour of consultation time, we typically provide 30 minutes of pre- and post-research and email for resources to specifically help our teams.  Therefore, each hour of consultation along with the pre- and post- work would be a total of $384 (USD).

Your IDS Case Manager will ensure that specific IDS team members are available for the cohort when needed, on a schedule that works best for the team. 

These Ongoing sessions will focus on specific cases the team is working on throughout the year, and also troubleshooting specific skills or skill areas of need as the year progresses.

We suggest at least one follow-up meeting a month, pending availability of team members, in order to fully support the team throughout the year.

IDS will invoice the school at the end of each month based on the number of hours worked with the Cohort.  


One of the things I’ve found so helpful with IDS is that I can go online with a team and say, “you know, I’m concerned about this students, these are the things that I’m seeing...what would you recommend as my next step?” That’s been such a relief for me. I don’t need to know all of the answers, I can use IDS as our team of supportive professionals.
— School Director, Europe

IDS is a wonderful and powerful resource to have available and it’s SO easy to work with them.
— School Director, Asia

I want to share both my overall satisfaction with the shared process, and more importantly my appreciation for your tremendous work and the connection we have made to IDS.  I saw your efforts and facilitation as being stellar.  The opportunities that emerged from our sessions, your flexible interventions and big picture creativity were impressive.
— School Curriculum Director, Russia