We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dr. Mindy Eichhorn of Gordon College!  Dr. Eichhorn has worked with teachers in schools across India for over six years after teaching special education in the United States.  Dr. Eichhorn works with teachers to identify strengths and challenges in their students' math conceptual understanding, procedural knowledge and confidence with math learning overall. 

Our 3-part workshop with K-6 classroom staff focuses on:

  • Creating and maintaining a positive environment to support children’s mathematical learning and development of enthusiasm for the discipline.
  • Interpreting student data to recognize potential signs of math learning disabilities.

  • Eliciting and responding to student reasoning and misconceptions around mathematical concepts.

  • Selecting and using a variety of resources (e.g., manipulatives, technology, demonstrations) to support the development of conceptual understanding and problem solving skills for diverse learners.



The first installment of the Workshop will include a teacher survey related to the challenges they see their students face with regard to mathematics, as well as some conceptual and procedural instruction.  Participants will review and discuss case studies, and will also take part in role play to further understand errors and misconceptions students have in the classroom. 

PART TWO: Number Talks - facilitating mathematical discussions about misconceptions

After the screening tool has been disseminated to students and analyzed, participants will learn about school-wide patterns seen in assessment results.  Further discussion and instruction on mathematical strategies and teaching adjustments will be shared with participants, and another round of case studies will be undertaken in order to address effective remediation for students.

PART THREE: BridginG the gap - additional strategies to help students overcome difficulties in mathematics 

Teachers will share student work samples with each other, and extension activities will be introduced, as well as additional strategies as needed.