Your Child’s Needs

You and your child’s teachers have identified something that interferes with your child’s ability to maximize his or her full potential in a traditional classroom. This might include underdeveloped skills, difficulty retaining information or behavioral issues.

We understand that it can be devastating to hear that your child might have learning challenges. Our goal is to provide you with an objective evaluation of the specific problem or problems, and to provide you with the concrete information you need to get the best help for your child. You are not alone – there are proven strategies to help children effectively overcome challenges to learning.

OUR solution

International Diagnostic Solutions’ expert team of consultants is dedicated to helping children from all cultures learn successfully. We recommend that we step you and your child through our customized multidisciplinary screening tool, to quickly and accurately determine your child’s true strengths and areas of need. This way, your child can receive the specific help needed as quickly as possible.

Our customized multidisciplinary screening tool includes:

-       A thorough review of your child’s records, parent and teacher interviews, and objective questionnaires completed by parents and teachers

-       A custom consultation with a psychologist, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, and/or behavior analyst, to provide deeper analysis and additional specific recommendations

-       A clear, concise, easy-to-read report that contains summaries of scores and recommendations for specific next steps

why it works

Our comprehensive screening tool is designed to be administered in familiar surroundings: your child’s home or school. We created it specifically to minimize the stress, fatigue and frustration involved in testing, and to prevent you and your child from having to travel to undergo the exhaustive battery of tests used in the past.