Your Child’s Needs

Your child is facing a concern that interferes with his or her full ability to learn and grow in the classroom, at home, or both. This concern might include underdeveloped skills, difficulty retaining information or behavioral issues.

We understand that it can be confusing to know that your child is experiencing challenges, but to be unsure of the true nature of these concerns. Our goal is to provide you with an objective evaluation of the specific problem or problems, and to provide you with the concrete information you need to get the best help for your child. You are not alone – there are proven strategies to help children effectively overcome challenges to learning.

OUR solution

International Diagnostic Solutions' expert team is ready to deploy for brief or extended periods of time based on your child's needs.   

Our customized multidisciplinary assessment process includes:

-       A thorough review of your child’s records, parent and teacher interviews, and objective questionnaires completed by parents and teachers

-       Accurate and comprehensive biopyschosocial assessments led by clinical experts in each field

-       A clear, concise, easy-to-read report that contains data as well as recommendations for actionable next steps in school and at home

why it works

Our comprehensive assessments provide the most in-depth analysis of your child's learning and behavioral strengths.  Our recommendations - based on our work with your child - are individualized to meet your child's and your family's unique needs. Your child stays safe in his/her familiar surroundings during the entire testing process, ensuring the most accurate clinical impressions.