Your Child’s Needs

As part of a globally-mobile family, your child has a unique opportunity to understand new cultures and to learn in various rich environments around the world.  When you have a child with specific learning, behavioral, or emotional concerns, you find yourself increasingly concerned about whether his or her needs are being met in the most effective way.  With multiple services and service providers, it can be unclear what progress your child is making toward educational and therapeutic goals.

OUR solution

International Diagnostic Solutions coordinates all aspects of a child's therapeutic and educational program.  By providing a consistent resource to serve as a central hub of information, families can be comforted knowing that they have all of the information they need to discern whether their child's goals are being met in measurable ways.

Our customized coordination services include:

-       Overall case management - bridging our services with all other therapeutic and educational services

-       Ongoing progress monitoring of services

-       Troubleshooting support for all services

why it works

Our coordination services let you rest at ease, knowing a team of experts is organizing and monitoring your child's services in all areas.