Blended Learning Professional Development for International Schools

The IDS Online Course provides a Blended Learning Opportunity for teachers and school staff to learn about students with academic, learning, motor, sensory, language and behavioral needs.

Our 15-week program provides a combination of 12 pre-recorded videos outlining each content area, along with 6 video conversations and / or opportunities for video question-and-answer sessions between participants and IDS experts.  This interactive format allows for customization and individualization of learning for the specific skills and needs of each participating teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is this course designed to help?

This course is primarily designed for 1:1 or assistant teachers in International School classrooms from Preschool through High School level.  However, any teacher with a desire to learn more about inclusion and expand his/her skill set around meeting students' individual needs will benefit greatly.  Whether brand-new-to-the-classroom or a veteran, all teachers will receive individualized learning to meet their specific needs.

2. What if my school follows the IB curriculum? 

Whether you're following the MYP, PYP, the UK, or a different standards-based curriculum, our course can help you in your daily interactions, planning, and support of each child in your room.

3. Will you provide workshops in person?

We are always available to travel to your school and provide learning opportunities in person.  Contact us here for more information about that.  This course is online with a blended model of pre-recorded information combined with online interactive question-and-answer sessions to ensure you are understanding all of the content, and more importantly, you are able to apply it all to your classroom, and your students.