Your Child’s Needs

Globally-mobile children who have specific educational needs often have different plans for each school they attend.  Multiple moves throughout a child's educational career can mean multiple iterations of goals and plans, without consistency between services and supports.  This can lead to confusion for a parent, and frustration for a child.

OUR solution

International Diagnostic Solutions developed the Special Educational Needs Plan (SENP) as a support for both school and home.  This document contains goals, supports and services a child needs in order to achieve academic and life success.

Our customized multidisciplinary Special Educational Needs Plan (SENP) includes:

-       A thorough review of your child’s records, parent and teacher interviews, and objective questionnaires completed by parents and teachers

-       A customized plan outlining specific goals and supports to guide academic interventions and progress that is clear and easily implemented across International School placements.

-       Annual multidisciplinary meetings around progress monitoring, transition planning and educational goal-setting

why it works

Our Special Educational Needs Plan (SENP)  is designed to support children throughout all of their International School placements.  Families can rest assured that their child's goals are outlined in a clear way for all members of the team to implement and track to ensure progress.