My Child is Gifted… Right?

By: Patricia Potter, M.Ed., IDS Gifted and Talented Specialist

Parenting a gifted child can be both exciting and challenging.  It is important to understand your child’s individual needs and abilities so that you can provide support and advocacy throughout his or her school years.

How Do I Know If My Child is Gifted?

Your child may exhibit one or more of the following traits early in his or her life:

·       Advanced language development

·       Heightened sense of curiosity

·       Developmental milestones reached early (crawling, walking etc.)

·       Abstract problem-solving and reasoning skills

·       Extraordinary sense of humor

·       High activity level

·       Compassion and sensitivity to people and situations

·       Vivid imagination

·       Ability to learn new concepts easily

How Can I Support My Gifted Child? *

Show respect for your child’s opinions, ideas, and individuality.  Here are some ways you can nurture his or her giftedness:

·       Encourage your child to learn about many things by exposing him or her to different subjects, such as art, nature, music, and sports, as well as traditional academic subjects.

·       Read aloud to your child, even if he or she can already read independently.

·       Listen to your child and show that you value his or her opinions and ideas.

Parenting a gifted child is a wonderful adventure.  Enjoy the ride!


IDS is now offering Gifted and Talented consultations to parents internationally that include an intake and video-teleconference sessions to maximize your child's strengths and challenge them in exciting ways. Contact us to learn more!