IDS and Math Instruction - Helping Students Think Flexibly About Numbers


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dr. Mindy Eichhorn, an Assistant Professor of Education at Gordon College, this fall! Dr. Eichhorn first worked as a special education teacher in the States and then began her work supporting teachers in India, where she has been consulting on special educational needs specific to math and math instruction for over six years.

Dr. Eichhorn will be leading a series of workshops focused on math instruction with IDS schools over the course of the 2016-2017 school year.  Her work with teachers will include a 3-part workshop entitled "Does My Answer Make Sense?" Enabling Students to Think Flexibly about Numbers.  Through this multi-part workshop experience, K-6 teachers as well as classroom support staff and special education staff will learn how to:

  • Create and maintain a positive environment to support children’s mathematical learning and development of enthusiasm for the discipline.
  • Interpret student data to recognize potential signs of math learning disabilities.
  • Elicit and respond to student reasoning and misconceptions around mathematical concepts.
  • Select and use a variety of resources (e.g., manipulatives, technology, demonstrations) to support the development of conceptual understanding and problem solving skills for diverse learners.



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