Resources for your Globally-Mobile Family

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We work online with families of all nationalities, many of whom are expats, living in countries other than their home country.  Many of our parents are raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and learning how to navigate parenting while traveling the world, living in new or unfamiliar places, and learning about different schools, communities and social networks.

For our Saturday Share this week, we've compiled our favorite articles and resources for Expat Families raising TCKs. 


HSBC conducted a survey of over 2600 expat families to discover how living a globally-mobile life affects kids and their families.  Through this information-gathering, they have compiled resources for countries around the world, as well as tips about raising families abroad.



Rachel from The Expat Lifeline is one of our trusted experts in the TCK / Expat field.  She's compiled 8 great rules about relocation that will help you feel more confident as you move to a new place.


Families in Global Transition Resource Center

FIGT is a one-stop shop for all Expats, TCKs and Globally-Mobile families.  Their online resource center is full of books, magazines and other family support resources.

The Way Home - Ellen Mahoney

Ellen Mahoney is a TCK who now supports other globally-mobile kids through her mentoring program she started - Sea Change Mentoring. Ellen's life experiences, especially those she struggled with through repatriation, are an important read for any globally-mobile parent.


Kate supports children and adolescents through The Expat Kids Club.  This article about how parents can work with schools and their children to support a move abroad serves as a great resource for any parent about to embark on this new adventure.

Global Living Magazine - A Lifestyle Publication & Resource for Expats Worldwide


Global Living Magazine is a quarterly publication dedicated to supporting expats worldwide.  All of their current and previous issues can be downloaded for free on their app for apple or android.

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