Tech Tip Tuesday : Exploring Emotions App

Exploring Emotions helps teachers and parents support the emotional regulation of kids. 



Exploring Emotions helps adults support kids in applying the Zones of Regulation in their daily lives.  We see the Zones work for so many kids, and this app helps solidify the tools and strategies taught through the Zones.



Exploring Emotions is designed to be used with Pre-K, elementary students, secondary students, as well as is applicable to adults that struggle with emotional control. To enhance learning, it is recommended that an adult closely monitor the student's progression through the App, asking probing questions and facilitating discussions about how the App's content can be generalized to the student's real life. Exploring Emotions is a resource for parents to teach and encourage self-control and emotional management in the home through the Zones framework. It is an exciting resource for therapists and teachers looking to address social emotional learning (SEL) through a medium that is motivating for students to engage in.

The App provides a fun and engaging experience for students while learning and gaining valuable knowledge to assist in developing real-life skills in self-regulation and emotional control.


Exploring Emotions can be found here for your iOS device.