Tech Tip Tuesday : Math App for Twice Exceptional Learners

ModMath helps take the struggle out of solving Math problems for children with Dysgraphia.

Twice-Exceptional students are those who have superior intellectual capabilities, but struggle with a learning, behavioral, or social disability at the same time.  School and homework can be incredibly challenging for these kids.  For kids who have difficulty with writing and organization in particular, math problems pose unique challenges.



ModMath is a fantastic app to help take the frustration of writing out of Math problems.  Many children can use dictation technology for reading and writing-only activities, but this same technology does not translate to math easily.  ModMath was developed by a student with Dysgraphia and his parents, to translate math problems onto electronic graph paper, using the keyboard to solve and show work, instead of having to use a pencil and paper.


We developed ModMath because our son has both dyslexia and dysgraphia. So writing legibly is nearly impossible. And that makes acquiring new math skills difficult. If a student can’t read his own writing, or if the number columns don’t line up, how is he supposed to master math concepts like regrouping, long division, or multiplication with multiple digits, not to mention more complex concepts like algebra? 

Our goal in creating an assistive technology was to make things easier not just for our son, but for any child that struggles with a learning disability or a physical disability.


ModMath is free for iOS users.