Tech Tip Tuesday : Learning Numbers with Rufus App

Learn with Rufus : Numbers helps kids learn and practice number sense in English and Spanish!



This app is part of a larger series of apps helping students learn categories, emotions and now numbers.  Rufus helps your child learn, practice and receive feedback on their number sense.  We love the content itself, as well as the imbedded breaks, reinforcement and data analysis - you can even send the data to yourself from the app for progress monitoring!


Learn with Rufus: Children will learn the sequence of numbers, both forwards and backwards, and how to compare quantities (more and less) of various objects. The game is highly customizable to meet the needs of children with varying skills, ability levels, and learning styles.

This game was designed by Dr Holly Gastgeb, a clinical and developmental psychologist with over ten years of experience working with typically developing children and children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Learn with Rufus: Numbers and Counting is organized into six (6) parts, a tutorial and five (5) separate games:
* Tutorial - Animated counting of various fruit
* Count It! - Count the fruit
* Group It! - Count the fruit in a specified group
* Compare It! - Compare two quantities of fruit and select the set with more or fewer fruit
* Follow It! - Determine the next number in a short sequence, either forwards or backwards
* Line It! - Place numbers onto a number line


Rufus : Numbers app can be downloaded here for your iOS device, and here for your android device.