Tech Tip Tuesday : Top 6 Online Resources for Educators

Teachers spend so many hours planning the perfect lesson - ensuring lessons are engaging, practical, multi-sensory, and individualized to all learners.  This process can be easier said than done for many teachers! 

There are so many online resources, but sometimes, a quick google search of your next unit topic leads down a rabbit hole of wasted time and added frustration or confusion about how to plan the most effective lessons for all kids.

In today's Tech Tip Tuesday, we're sharing our TOP 6 online resources for teachers. Many of our favorites have specific resources for kids who learn differently, which is why we list them among our favorites!

Great resources, links and lesson plans incorporating technology.  

This is a great site for resources, lessons and unit plans.  Check out the resources for IB programming needs too!

Lots of great resources and printables - the Special Educational Needs section is full of fantastic free finds for your classroom!

A wealth of information and lessons for teachers of all grades and ages.  We especially love the MAP-specific "missions" you can create for individualized learning programs - this is so helpful for learners with specific learning needs!

Great site for making your own puzzles, mazes, crosswords, and tests.  Lots of already-made resources, too!

Topic- and Grade-specific resources for all learners.  Fabulous lesson ideas and resources at your fingertips!

Happy Planning from the IDS team!