Tech Tip Tuesday : Struggling Reader? Try This App!

Have a Struggling Reader at Home?  Try One Minute Reader

When your student or child struggles to read, everything becomes more difficult.  Kids can easily be discouraged when they see they are not picking up their reading instruction as quickly as others within the classroom, and when things simply aren't "clicking" for them.  One-Minute Reader is a fun way for kids to practice reading through research-based, game-like activities.



One-Minute Reader is a helpful app for your iPad that supports readers on the 1st-grade to 5th grade level.  This app increases a child's fluency (reading with speed, accuracy and expression), comprehension (how well they understand what they read), and vocabulary (expanding the words they know). Kids receive fun and motivating real-time feedback.





Reading is a fundamental skill, one which adults sometimes take for granted. But many students have trouble learning to read. As they struggle to master this skill, they often find other subjects difficult too, and their self-esteem may suffer. Becoming able readers is crucial to students' success in school and in life.

Struggling readers need more than just books. They need a structured reading program that applies research-based principles to keep them on track and maximize results. They need a reading program like One Minute Reader.



The Basic App is free, and opens one story per reading level.  More stories can be purchased within the app.