Tech Tip Tuesday : Super Duper Story Maker App

How can you capture and share your summer break memories in a fun and easy way with your child?

This week, we are featuring The Story Maker app by Super Duper Publications for our Tech Tip Tuesday.  With tons of ways to engage children at home or school, the entire IDS team loves using this versatile app!  As teachers and therapists, we're always looking for ways to engage our kids in remember key details of events, putting those details into the correct sequence, and even narrating those events in a clear and exciting way.  This app lets you do that in a fun way that kids will love!


We love using this app with kids - you can create a fictional story that a child tells you or writes, or you can create a picture book of specific events in a child's life with the stock photos as well as with your child's own photos.  Children (and adults!) can even narrate the story - great practice for storytelling, reading with emotion, and pre-practice for speaking in front of groups.

Children as little as 3 have loved participating in making stories with us during therapy.  It can be used for most school-aged children as a fun but truly educational app at home and school!


With Super Duper StoryMaker, you can create all the picture and photo stories you want and tell them over and over — plus, make your own photo albums, special occasion cards, comic books, etc. Educators and parents will love StoryMaker because it helps children practice learning skills like reading, sequencing, vocabulary and sentence building, following directions, grammar, storytelling and retelling, interacting with others, and more.

Note: You are unable to save, print, or email your stories with StoryMaker FREE. To keep everything you create and let friends and family see what you have made, upgrade to StoryMaker.

StoryMaker has two screens — Create Story and Tell Story. In Create Story you make your stories, and edit and change them. In Tell Story you read, tell, and talk about your stories. For extra fun, record your voice and other sounds and have everyone listen to your stories.

  • Create all the color picture and photo stories (and more) that you can imagine
  • Choose from over 900 places, people, and items
  • Include your own personal photos
  • Add your own drawings and handwriting
  • Name your story and type up to three lines of text at a time
  • Change and edit stories
  • Record your voice and other sounds
  • Share stories with others by telling and reading them aloud
  • Turn the story pages just like a book or play them automatically
  • Print out or email your stories to family and friends


Requirements: iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Price: $4.99

Link: Head here to download!

Enjoy making fun memories and creating stories with your little ones!


Katie HolloranComment