Does Online Therapy Really Work for Kids?

Does Online Therapy Really Work for Kids?


“We have only had Anna's program in place for 3 weeks and already we are seeing positive growth signs.  Mom said that she actually saw Anna reading for pleasure on a Saturday afternoon.  Great stuff!”  

-IDS School Administrator

Many families and schools are confused, worried and even skeptical about how online therapy could really work for kids.  A child sitting at a table, interacting with a screen, and following directions from a voice and face inside that screen can seem like an impossible scenario for some families.  

These are truly excellent questions, and with almost a decade of experience working online with children, families and schools, we at International Diagnostic Solutions have learned (and continue to learn) strategies and interventions that work to engage and excite even the youngest learners.

Our team of experts is here to help your child with research-based therapeutic interventions online. We work with you, with your school team, and with your child to teach new skills, develop strengths, and have fun while learning.



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